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Why redible?

Why We Exist

The Hemp, CBD, and Legalized Cannabis industry has often been characterized as the “wild wild west”! The rapid growth of the industry as a perceived get rich quick strategy has led to an onslaught of companies of varying levels of integrity and quality.

redible Was Created to Fix This

The problem

It starts with trust

The industry has become a hazard of pitfalls of false, misleading, outdated or simply missing information regarding suppliers and products. This has created a whirlwind of confusion and risk for all parties in the supply chain including the unsuspecting consumer!

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The Solution

Introducing -Trust

The Q-Trust Registry is the industry’s one and only ecosystem that provides a digital registry & integrated network of validated and verified suppliers.

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Our Featured Modules

Blockchain Registry of Licenses, Certifications, & Lab Reports

Online Registry of Immutable Lab Reports, Industry Certifications and Licenses

White Label Integrated E-commerce System

A Complete, Self-Contained, Scalable System Designed For Growth and Simplicity
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