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A Key: Certifications for CBD Companies

CBD business certifications

For many consumers, knowing their products’ production process and source matters. Certifications, industry standards, and accreditations are why consumers are often willing to pay more for their products. Source, labor rights, and product quality are all factors that play into the choice to purchase from one retailer versus another. 

With industry-disrupting technology, Qredible is here to challenge the claims, validate good science when it’s evident, and support the growing trust around CBD and hemp products

Read through to get a list of certifications for CBD companies.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certification 

GMP certification ensures that a CBD company follows rigorous quality control and manufacturing standards, ensuring the production of safe and consistent products.

GMP certification ensures that CBD companies follow rigorous quality control and manufacturing standards to support safe and consistent CBD products. Requirements apply to the processes of manufacturing, processing, and packing of CBD products. 

In addition to protecting both consumers and the company from negative food safety issues, GMP implementation can also help reduce losses and waste, seizure, recalls, and fines. 

Organic Certification 

Organic certification indicates that CBD products are made from organically grown hemp without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. It assures consumers that the products meet specific organic standards.

CBD products with an organic certification indicate products made from organically grown hemp without the use of synthetic herbicides, fertilizers, or pesticides. Certified Organic CBD further ensures that all ingredients and practices comply with USDA National Organic Program regulations. 

ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 certification demonstrates that a CBD company has implemented a quality management system and adheres to international standards for consistent product quality and customer satisfaction.

By obtaining an ISO 9001 certification, a CBD company communicates to consumers that they have implemented a quality management system that adheres to international standards for customer satisfaction and consistent product quality. 

ISO 9001 can be used by any size organization regardless of industry. With a focus on process approach and continued improvement, ISO 9001 is based on a number of quality management principles that include a strong customer focus, motivation, and the implication of top management.

ISO 17025 Accreditation

ISO 17025 accreditation is specific to testing laboratories and ensures that the lab meets internationally recognized standards for testing and calibration accuracy. CBD companies may seek services from accredited labs for product testing.

An international standard requirement for testing and calibration laboratories, the ISO 17025 accreditation ensures that a lab meets internationally recognized standards for testing and calibration accuracy. Many CBD companies acquire this accreditation to build consumer trust worldwide by demonstrating their competence in producing reliable and valid results. ISO 17025 evaluates methods, staff procedures, and lab equipment to provide accreditation. 

Third-Party Lab Testing 

Many CBD companies engage in third-party lab testing to ensure levels of potency, purity, presence of contaminants, and other quality parameters of their products. Third-party lab testing is not a formal certification. However, results provide transparency and build consumer trust. 

US Hemp Authority Certification 

Within the CBD and hemp industry, companies with a US Hemp Authority certification demonstrate compliance with best practices and stringent guidelines relating to hemp cultivation, processing, and manufacturing. In order to build consumer and retailer confidence in hemp and CBD products, the U.S. Hemp Authority® Certification Program is the industry’s initiative to support best practices, high standards, and self-regulation.

CBD brands with a US Hemp Authority seal are committed to transparency, safety, and FDA standards like cGMP certification.

Kosher or Halal Certification

Halal and kosher diets are based on the principles of Islamic and Jewish laws, following a strict set of guidelines regarding which foods are allowed and restricted based on specific religious teachings. Many CBD companies acquire Halal or Kosher certifications to appeal to their consumers’ religious preferences and specific dietary guidelines. 

Certified Organic Handler

An Organic Certification refers to a farm or processing facility that complies with specific standards allowing them to sell, label, and represent their products as organic. The certification applies to any company handling and processing organic ingredients and ensures compliance with organic regulations. The USDA protects the consumer by ensuring companies using the organic seal maintain the integrity of organic products throughout the supply chain. 

National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) Certification

Many CBD companies that produce CBD products specifically for pets choose to acquire an NASC certification. Provided by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), the NASC Quality Seal is a certification mark denoting a company that promotes the health and well-being of companion animals. The NASC certification demonstrates compliance with rigorous standards related to the quality, safety, and labeling of animal health supplements. 

Fair Trade Certification

CBD companies with a Fair Trade certification adhere to fair trade principles, which include fair wages, ethical sourcing, and sustainable practices. A global trade model benefiting both workers and consumers, the Fair Trade principles support efforts to preserve the Earth’s natural resources while staying committed to labor rights and humane conditions for workers in developing countries. 

To maintain compliance, Fair Trade certifiers have a regular rotation of auditors to ensure competence, credibility, and quality.

Validate Certifications for CBD: Get in Qredible

Being an informed consumer makes all the difference. With a wealth of information online, it can be challenging to differentiate facts from claims. With official certifications and accreditations, you can ensure the quality and source of the CBD product you purchase.

Safer cannabis, CBD, and hemp commerce are finally here. Qredible’s industry-disrupting technology increases trust and transparency to support everyone in the cannabis and hemp supply chain. Contact us here to learn more. 


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