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Beyond Puff, Puff, Pass: 18 Different Ways to Consume Weed


The legalization of adult use of cannabis, CBD, and hemp products has thrown the industry into an age of product innovation. Gone are the days of making weed brownies in your apartment. Now, there are countless different ways to consume weed and CBD.

From topicals to inhalants to edibles, in this post, we’re discussing 18 different ways to consume marijuana. Keep reading to learn more.

8 Ways to Consume Weed Topically

Weed topicals are quickly gaining popularity as one of the safest, healthiest ways to consume weed. Consumers love marijuana topicals because of the discretion of application and the variety of options.

Available in a wide range of potencies, consumers can get CBD topicals or options with THC.

Some examples of different types of cannabis topicals include:

  • Cannabis or CBD lotions
  • THC face masks
  • Cannabis body oil
  • CBD balms or salves
  • CBD or THC gel
  • Cannabis roll-on sticks
  • CBD or THC spray
  • Transdermal cannabis patches

This list continues to expand as more industry innovators test out new products. Who knows — the future of cannabis topicals could even involve licensed spas incorporating them into their services. 

6 Ways to Consume Weed Orally

Oral consumption — edibles or inhalants — has been the most common method among cannabis users for decades. However, smoking and vaping any substance can have negative health effects, which is why so many consumers are turning to alternative methods. 

Consumption methods like edibles allow customers to enjoy the potential benefits of cannabis and CBD without as many associated risks.

Here are a few options:

  • THC and CBD oils
  • Baked goods like pot brownies or cookies
  • Weed gummies
  • THC beverages
  • Cannabis tinctures
  • Cannabis-infused cooking oils

Edibles allow consumers to get creative with their consumption method while also allowing them more control over their dosage. 

They can also be easily integrated into social experiences because, unlike smoking and vaping, they don’t disrupt the experience of non-users around you. This paves the door for the future of consumption lounges and cannabis events in the U.S., which could usher in an exciting time for the cannabis and CBD community.

It’s important to note that making cannabis edibles on your own reduces the safety and certainty of understanding the potency of the products you are consuming. Exercise extreme caution when baking or cooking with legal cannabis-infused cooking oil, as recipes might call for more product than is safe for you to consume.

The Best Way to Consume CBD and Medical Marijuana

Any methods you prefer for consuming THC products are also available in CBD-only options. Medical cannabis, however, is more limited.

As far as we presently know, smoking is the least healthy method of consuming medical marijuana or CBD. This is followed by vaping. Topicals and edibles are considered safer, and so many medical providers carry a wide range of edible and topical medical cannabis products for patients.  

Medically prescribed CBD or THC products are commonly available in the following —

  • Cannabis pills
  • THC or CBD liquids
  • Cannabis oils and concentrates
  • THC or CBD powders

When consuming cannabis for medical purposes, always consult with a doctor prior to use, especially if you want to try a new product or if you are new to cannabis consumption. The safest way to consume weed is by working with a medical professional to develop a strategy that is catered to your unique situation.

Never consume illicit, homemade, or unlicensed cannabis or CBD products. This applies to all consumers, but especially medical marijuana consumers. The risk of contamination and mislabeling is too great.

The Safest Way to Consume Weed: Use Qredible®

The only way to consume weed and CBD safely is by purchasing from a legal, reputable company. This means never consuming home-grown or illicit products, or products from an unlicensed retailer.

Even licensed retailers can place you at risk. Mislabelling, falsified lab reports, and contaminated products are persistent problems in the industry. You want to be a responsible cannabis consumer.

That’s why we created Qredible®.

Qredible is a digital registry of validated and verified products and brands in the cannabis, CBD, and hemp industry.

We will launch our consumer app soon, where you will be able to look up trustworthy information about the legal cannabis brands you want to purchase. 

Information such as:

  • Current and validated lab reports
  • Trustworthy ingredients information
  • Brand reputation and history
  • FDA or FTC involvement
  • Customer reviews
  • And more

Empower yourself to find the best quality products and make the safest decision. Qredible is free for customers to use, so you can get started as soon as our app launches.

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