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Cannabis Marketing: The Top 20 Firms Powering Industry Success

For companies trying to conquer the industry, effective cannabis marketing is pivotal in building brand awareness, driving customer engagement, and propelling business growth. Marketing firms for cannabis companies specialize in navigating this evolving sector’s unique challenges and regulations, offering strategic solutions to help businesses stand out in a competitive landscape.  In this article, we present the top 20 marketing firms that are at the forefront of shaping the cannabis industry’s success.

Top Cannabis Marketing Agencies

Let’s look at what these marketing companies bring to the cannabis industry.

Wick & Mortar

Wick & Mortar is renowned for crafting authentic brand stories, compelling visual identities, and end-to-end marketing that resonate with cannabis consumers.

CannaVerse Solutions

CannaVerse Solutions offers 360-degree marketing services, from branding, packaging, and web design to content creation and social media management.

Green Street Media

Green Street Media is a brand house and full-service marketing agency known for its creative and innovative out-of-home advertising campaigns that capture attention and drive results.

MJ Brand Insights

MJ Brand Insights specializes in market research, helping cannabis businesses make data-driven decisions to enhance their strategies.

Cannabis Creative Group

Cannabis Creative Group is a marketing agency dedicated to helping cannabis businesses gain a digital edge, reach their target audience, and increase sales.


PufCreativ is a full-service agency excelling in branding, digital marketing, and influencer partnerships tailored to cannabis businesses.

Studio Linear

Studio Linear is a woman-owned creative branding agency specializing in logo design, visual identities, packaging design, and engaging website design for cannabis brands.


Cannaclusive advocates for diversity and inclusion in the cannabis space through strategic marketing, education, and collaboration.


Mantis is an online marketing firm specializing in digital advertising solutions, helping licensed cannabis brands reach their target audiences through various platforms.

Hybrid Marketing Co

Hybrid Marketing Co is an outcomes-based branding and marketing agency for the cannabis industry.

Canna Communication

Canna Communication offers PR, marketing, and communication services to elevate cannabis brands’ image and public perception.


Budder specializes in branding, digital design, packaging, merchandising, event marketing, and creative for cannabis companies.


420MEDIA is a marketing firm specializing in cannabis video and digital marketing, crafting compelling content to connect with consumers.

Marigold Marketing & PR

Marigold Marketing & PR is known for its comprehensive marketing approach, offering services from public relations to content creation.

Higher Yields Consulting

Higher Yields Consulting offers various services, including branding, marketing strategy, and web development tailored for cannabis businesses.

Stoned Fox

Stoned Fox is a full-service marketing agency providing creative strategy and execution so cannabis businesses can grow from all digital angles.


Highopes is a branding and marketing agency crafting creative solutions for cannabis companies to stand out in a crowd.


Potency is known for cultivating strong cannabis brands through strategy, business naming, visual identity design, brand voice guidelines, copywriting, and web design.


Crowdcreate is a marketing agency excelling in growth hacking and community building, helping cannabis startups gain traction in the industry through influencer marketing.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream provides uplifting and creative marketing solutions for the cannabis industry through branding and identity, packaging and print design, content creation, web design, and lead generation.

Marketing for Cannabis Companies, Supported by Qredible

The role of marketing firms becomes even more critical in shaping brand perception and success as the cannabis industry grows. These 20 marketing firms have demonstrated their expertise in navigating the industry’s unique challenges while helping businesses connect with their target audiences.  With a combination of creative strategies, market insights, and a deep understanding of the cannabis landscape, these firms play a vital role in driving the growth and innovation of the cannabis industry. At Qredible, we partner with marketing firms to provide the tools and confidence needed to serve cannabis companies effectively. A client may soon ask your company to become Q-Verified–why wait?  Q-Verified companies stand out in a crowded market. Fuel your creative campaigns with data-back authenticity and be the catalyst for positive change in the industry. Get in Qredible.

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