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CBD for Anxiety: What We Know


There are many assumptions about what CBD can be used to treat. When it comes to CBD for anxiety, unfortunately too little research exists to be sure of the effects. 

There has been enough promising research and clinical evidence, however, to inspire continued investigation into efficacy. And there has also been substantial research on the safety of CBD products, as well.

If you’ve been curious about CBD for anxiety, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most common reasons for CBD usage. But you must be informed and knowledgeable when consuming a substance that has undergone limited research.

In this article, we’ll break down what we know about CBD for anxiety: what research exists, how CBD works, and what professionals recommend. Keep reading to learn more.

How CBD Works

CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is a form of cannabinoid that occurs naturally in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, another cannabinoid found in cannabis, CBD doesn’t have psychoactive effects that cause a user to feel intoxicated.

CBD works by interacting with receptors in the human body, namely the central and peripheral nervous systems. Although experts are not certain exactly how CBD reacts with these receptors, it is generally believed to relate to serotonin, which is directly linked to mental health. 

Since low serotonin is often related to depression and anxiety, many believe that CBD could be used to treat some symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, and low mood.  

Many surveys have found that people enjoy relieved stress and anxiety levels when using CBD, and some recent studies indicate that anecdotal evidence could hold merit. However, you should never experiment with substances without first consulting a medical practitioner. 

CBD and Anxiety Research

There have been some promising studies that highlight anxiety relief as a potential benefit of CBD. Let’s go over the research that exists.

Can You Use CBD for Generalized Anxiety Disorder?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) states that CBD can lessen symptoms of generalized anxiety (GAD) in rats and other small animals. The studies cited by NIDA demonstrate the potential for positive effects, but there has not been comprehensive research conducted on humans.

Other studies have found potential benefits of short-term CBD usage for patients with GAD, but researchers clarified that more research is required before a consensus can be made.

Can You Use CBD for Stress and Anxiety?

Those who experience more moderate forms of anxiety may also wish to try CBD. Social anxiety and general feelings of stress are difficult to live with and manage. People with PTSD also experience anxiety as a common symptom. 

There are many experts who believe that CBD could potentially provide relief to those with other forms of anxiety. There is more research in this field, and studies have found that CBD could have beneficial effects on sleep quality, social anxiety, and multiple PTSD symptoms

It is important to mention that some of the researchers combined CBD therapies with other modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This is common among most mental health treatment plans, and many researchers are looking into potential combinations that could provide both short and long-term relief for those struggling with anxiety.

Recommended Ways to Try CBD for Anxiety

If you are considering using CBD to treat anxiety, you should first consult with a doctor or mental health practitioner. The ideal dosage will vary drastically from patient to patient, so it’s important to work carefully with a trained physician.

Little is known about the way CBD interacts with other prescriptions and medications. A medical practitioner should have the background knowledge to properly assess the level of risk, but we are finding that even medical professionals need to increase their education relative to CBD and other cannabinoids.

If your doctor recommends a specific CBD product, you should not consume other CBD products. The risk of mislabeled or low-quality products is significant and could result in adverse side effects that may even make your anxiety worse. 

Once you’ve established a plan with a professional, you should carefully monitor your symptoms. If anything unusual or unpleasant occurs, cease use and contact your practitioner immediately.

Until there is more certain evidence supporting CBD use for anxiety, you should not experiment without the support of a professional.

Using CBD for Anxiety? Check Qredible First.

The most important factor when using any CBD or cannabis product is product quality. 

Unfortunately, many CBD products are mislabeled. Some contain high levels of THC and some contain no CBD at all. You could be purchasing overpriced carrier oil or a product with unwanted cognitive effects. Sadly, some industry fraudsters have falsified lab reports and even some medical practitioners have been duped.

If you’re trying CBD for anxiety, the last thing you need is a bad reaction or no reaction at all. The only way to know if a CBD product is safe is by checking out the company’s Qredible® profile.

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