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For too long, cannabis, CBD, and neutraceutical companies have operated unchecked.

Any company can claim their products are:

but how can you be sure? And what does that even mean?

Did you know that companies routinely mislabel their products?

The FDA issued at least 34 CBD-related and 17 cannabis-related warning letters in 2022 alone.

You could buy an expensive pure CBD oil only to discover that the product actually contains no CBD at all.

Or, even worse, you could learn that it contains THC after you’ve already ingested it.

An alarming amount of legal cannabis and CBD products are not tested before sale.

This means you could be exposed to:

And more.

Studies have found that…


of CBD products were not tested properly


of legalized cannabis products contained significant quantities of pesticides


different contaminants are commonly found in US cannabis

The Only Way to Know if Your Cannabis is High-Quality

Qredible was made to help consumers get the cannabis and CBD products they want.

No more lies. No more manipulations. No more false claims, fake lab reports, and inaccurate labels.

Qredible is a science-driven, technology-powered solution designed to help you navigate a confusing maze of misinformation and mistrust.

Here’s how we do it:

Active Monitoring

We’ve got our eyes (our AIs, that is) on every Q-verified company. Using advanced AI, we actively monitor compliance. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

Verified Claims

Purchase with confidence. In Qredible, you’ll never question if a certification or claim is real again. Our system verifies that all information on a Q-verified profile is trustworthy.

Blockchained lab reports

No more fake lab reports. Q-verified labs submit data directly from the testing equipment to a 100% secure blockchain database that you can access and read at any time.

Complete, unedited brand history

Now you’ll know exactly what you’re buying and who you’re buying from. In Qredible, get access to every bad review. Every FDA warning letter. Every dirty secret.

Shop With Confidence. Be in Qredible.

Cannabis consumers are as unique and varied as the plant itself. But one thing unites us: we all deserve access to trustworthy information regarding the products we consume.

Whether you’re shopping for CBD edibles, THC topicals, or good, old-fashioned bud—Qredible is here to help you make the best decision for you.

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