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Demystifying Cannabis Quantities: Serving Sizes by Product Type

cannabis serving sizes by product type

When it comes to cannabis, figuring out the right amount to consume can feel like cracking the Da Vinci code. With so many different product types out there—from flower to edibles to concentrates and beyond—it’s easy to get turned around on serving sizes and cannabis quantities. 

But don’t worry, we’re here to demystify cannabis quantities and help you navigate the product landscape like a pro.

Understanding Cannabis Potency

Before we dive into specific serving suggestions, it’s important to understand a bit about how cannabis potency is measured. The two main compounds you’ll see referenced are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). THC is the primary psychoactive compound that gives you that famous cannabis “high,” while CBD is non-psychoactive and better known for its therapeutic benefits.

Most cannabis products will list the percentage of THC and sometimes CBD right on the label. As a general rule, the higher the THC percentage, the more potent the product. Flower or “bud” can range anywhere from 10-30%+ THC, while concentrates like wax or shatter often test at 60-90%+ THC.

Serving Sizes for Flower

Let’s start with one of the OGs—cannabis flower. When smoking or vaping bud, a single gram is typically enough for a few solid servings. A “dose” lands somewhere between 0.25 and 0.5 grams for most people. If it’s your first time, err on the lower side until you get a feel for your personal tolerance.

The same rough ratio applies if you’re consuming flower through edibles. Most cannabis cookbook recipes calling for dried bud will use 0.25-0.5 grams of decarboxylated flower per serving of the final product.

Cannabis Quantities for Edible Dosing

Speaking of edibles, these can be a little trickier to dose since the effects take longer to kick in. Most commercial edible products like gummies or chocolates will list the total amount of THC for the whole package, as well as the amount per serving. A relatively standard single dose is 5-10 mg of THC.

If you’re making edibles from scratch, it’s a good idea to start with just 5 mg of THC per serving until you know how a certain batch will affect you. You can always eat more, but you can’t un-eat an edible if you overdo it!

Concentrates and Extracts

Cannabis concentrates like wax, shatter, badder, etc., pack a seriously potent punch with their sky-high THC levels. A single gram of concentrate can contain over 800 mg of THC! For perspective, an entire chocolate bar might only have 100 mg of THC.

With such strength, concentrate dosing is best measured in tiny amounts—think portions as small as 0.01 or 0.02 grams to start. If dabbing concentrates, limit yourself to a single dab no bigger than 1/4 inch in diameter to gauge potency.

Sublingual Cannabis Products

Sublingual products like tinctures, sprays, or dissolvable powder are absorbed through the blood vessels under your tongue rather than being ingested and metabolized through the liver like edibles. This allows for quicker effects similar to smoking or vaping.

Most sublingual products will provide clear serving sizes and dosages right on the packaging. A common single dose is in the 5-10 mg range for THC tinctures, though you can cut that in half for your first time trying a new product.

Start Low and Go Slow

No matter what type of cannabis product you’re exploring, the golden rule is to start low and go slow, especially when it’s your first time. Cannabis affects everyone differently based on unique physiology and tolerance levels. It’s better to underdo it initially and wait for the full effects before consuming more.

With a little trial and error, you’ll be able to zero in on that Goldilocks serving size—the amount that’s juuuuust right for achieving your perfect cannabis experience. Trust the process, tune into how your body responds, and enjoy the magic of finding your perfectly dosed sweet spot!

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