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Doug Roberts

Chief Product and Customer Success Officer

Doug Roberts | Chief Product and Customer Success Officer at Qredible

Why did you join Qredible?

My long friendship with Brian has led me to join this incredible team. I have a history as a serial entrepreneur and after witnessing Brian’s ability to overcome challenges and create a positive change in whatever industry he decides to be in, I knew I wanted to be a part of Qredible.

I’m very excited about the opportunity to learn new skills in a completely unfamiliar industry. The legalized cannabis, CBD, and hemp industry is exciting, and I want to make a meaningful impact and do some real good here.

What is your vision for Qredible?

I believe we have the opportunity to become the industry standard for safe commerce. To get there, we’re starting by taking the dysregulation and lack of trust and transforming it into something based on mutual trust and transparency. Most people in the industry want that, and Qredible will uplift them and empower them to outshine those who don’t. And speaking of those who don’t, Qredible will create pressure from consumers and establish a need for compliance in order to protect their reputation. This will encourage safe commerce from even businesses, regardless of their intentions.

Why is Qredible important to you personally?

I’ve witnessed firsthand the destruction and devastation that unregulated drugs can cause. Because of that, I want to use my skills and experience to make the industry safer, change lives, prevent deception, and protect people from unnecessary suffering. That’s the ultimate reason why Qredible was formed: to protect people. And that is incredibly important to me.