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In Conversation with Ben Owens: Insights on Building Trust and Credibility

Ben Owens on the Qredible broadcast discussing trust and credibility in the cannabis market
In this interview, Ben Owens, a cannabis writer and hobby grower, shares his valuable insights on building trust and credibility in the cannabis industry. He discusses the evolving consumer landscape, the importance of education and transparency, and the challenges faced by smaller brands in navigating complex regulatory environments. You can read the interview below or watch the full episode on YouTube.

The Evolution of Cannabis Consumers

Owens highlights the transition from traditional cannabis consumers to a new, modern consumer base attracted to cannabis for wellness and medicinal purposes. He notes, “We’re seeing less of a siloed cannabis industry and more of this blending of existing industries that are using cannabis as an ingredient or an extension of their current product lines.” This evolution requires a shift in marketing strategies and a deeper understanding of the diverse consumer needs and preferences.

The Role of Education and Transparency

Owens emphasizes the critical role of education and transparency in building brand credibility. He explains, “It’s not just ‘Hey, look, we have this product with these benefits. We’re going to educate you on it.’ It’s ‘How does this fit into your existing workflow, your existing situation, your existing needs?’ Educating in a way that earns consumers’ trust is key.”

Addressing Consumer Concerns

Owens acknowledges varying consumer concerns regarding quality, safety, and potency. While some consumers prioritize affordability and potency, others are true connoisseurs, meticulously evaluating factors like terpene profiles and flavonoids. Brands must strike a balance, addressing these diverse needs through transparency and education.

Challenges for Smaller Brands

Navigating complex regulatory environments and demonstrating consistent quality and transparency can be challenging for smaller brands with limited resources. Owens suggests, “Smaller brands must work harder to demonstrate the quality, safety, and transparency of their products to earn consumer confidence.”

The Importance of Third-Party Validation

Owens highlights the significance of third-party validation and partnerships in building trust. He states, “If you want to attract the connoisseur, you have to constantly be educating yourself on what’s available on both sides of the market, what people are interested in, and what trends are emerging.” Ben Owens‘ insights provide valuable guidance for cannabis brands seeking to establish trust and credibility in an evolving market. By prioritizing education, transparency, and a deep understanding of consumer needs, brands can effectively navigate the challenges and stand out in a crowded industry.

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