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Nothing is More Valuable Than Your Customer’s Trust

Qredible provides legalized cannabis industry operators with a new way to promote your business.

You Work Hard to Do Business the Right Way…

Now your efforts will finally be rewarded.

For too long, dishonest and illicit businesses in the cannabis industry have been taking advantage of the lack of regulation, enforcement, and quality control processes.

Qredible is here to make sure your customers know you are honest and trustworthy, so your business comes out on top.

Legalized cannabis companies can leverage Qredible technology to demonstrate COA and lab report compliance to customers.

Growing your cannabis company? Learn how to enhance your network and make your operations more efficient with this quick guide.

Stand Behind Your Products to Stand Out From Competitors

Players in all areas of the supply chain are growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of transparency in the cannabis industry.

With Qredible, you can put their minds at ease. Build trust with your customers by proving your legitimacy and commitment to quality and safety.

Legalized cannabis companies using Qredible SaaS ecosystem like Q-Transact can set up e-commerce stores, print compliant labels, and safely transact while remaining compliant with all state regulations.
Legalized cannabis companies utilizing Qredible SaaS ecosystem can ensure compliance in an ever-changing regulatory environment.

End-to-End Transparency

A safe, high-quality product relies on the transparency of the entire supply chain.

With Qredible, you can vet the organizations you do business with in the cannabis industry’s only digital registry of validated and verified brands, dispensaries, distributors, manufacturers, and more. Streamline onboarding processes and automate active compliance monitoring to get notified of any potential risk.

Protect and Grow Your Business

Qredible is more than just a digital registry where businesses can build customer trust. It also provides a complete suite of tools designed to help you grow and protect your business.

Subscribers access compliance monitoring, license management, COA management, reputation management, risk mitigation, and more.

Legalized cannabis companies can let their customers know that their product is high quality, safe, contaminant-free and pesticide-free by becoming Q-verified with Qredible SaaS technology.

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