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Michael Boone

VP of Compliance

Michael Boone | VP of Compliance for Qredible

Why did you join Qredible?

I joined Qredible after a friend of mine introduced me to Brian. The two of us got together and began discussing the company. Knowing the industry as well as I do, I saw immediately how much we needed something like Qredible. After a few meetings, I realized that it was something I truly wanted to do. And Brian sold me on the advanced technology approach. It’s the best way to achieve the level of transparency and trust we’re aiming for. As soon as I obtained my graduate degree, we got together to formalize my involvement with the company. The team has done a great job of remaining open to my perspective, experiences, cannabis knowledge, and opinions, and it’s been great to watch how the product has taken shape. Our industry is so unique. To succeed, we need specialized knowledge. I’m really excited to be able to bring that to the table.

What is your vision for Qredible?

I feel like my vision is aligned with Brian’s. Our industry needs to be legitimized and cleaned up. As it flourishes, there are too many businesses neglecting to abide by regulations intended to protect consumers. Ultimately, I believe consumers will come to recognize the Qredible seal as a symbol of safety. So when they’re shopping, they have more power to make informed decisions. I also want to get away from some of the images associated with cannabis culture that people may not take seriously. Of course, people will use cannabis for recreational purposes, which is perfectly fine. But there’s also this huge medical side of the industry that has the potential to benefit so many people. With Qredible, we have the opportunity to gain more respect in the medical industry. It will be tough. The industry is set in its ways, and it’s not necessarily open to the idea of plant-based medicine. Eventually, I want Qredible to help the legalized cannabis industry gain respect from medical professionals and researchers. That way, we can get a deeper understanding of what positive effects the plant can produce with high-quality research.

Why is Qredible important to you personally?

I’ve always been dedicated to cannabis advocacy. My wife and I have been married for 30 years. Recently we were talking about how Qredible can solve big issues in the cannabis industry. She said, “You’ve been passionate about this since I first met you.” And she’s right. This is a part of the deal with me. It’s something I’ve been involved in for a very long time. Any chance I get to clean up the industry, make it better, and make it more accessible, that’s what I want to do. I truly believe there are so many ways society can benefit from this plant instead of trying to destroy it. It’s a positive thing. It just needs to be handled that way. Like anything, it can be abused. So that’s why regulation can produce so many positive results. That’s where I see Qredible offering a solution. I could have graduated and chased the profits working for a big company. But the industry doesn’t need that. The industry needs an advocate for the plant so it can have the opportunity to fulfill its potential. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the industry is just fun. The business is fun and the people are fun. Everyone I meet is incredible. I am just excited to be a part of it.