The Industry’s Single-Source, Digitally Secure Blockchain Repository for the Vaulting and Tracking of Regulatory Licenses, Industry Certifications & Registrations and Analytical Lab Reports (COA’s)

The Advantages Of

Fully Integrated with Q-Trust Digital Registry

Use Q-Trust to View, Verify & Validate Regulatory Licenses, Industry Certifications & Registrations and Lab Reports.

Alerting Engine

Digitally registers and tracks dates of all vaulted documents and provides proactive alerts when a document is nearing or has reached its expiration.

Tracking and Traceability

The Blockchain ledger tracks the chain of custody and maintains a digital transactional log and   complete record of the entire history of data changes and who has accessed the Q-Vault and when.

Blockchain Enforced

Built on Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Framework
Enabling all Transactions into the Q-Vault to be immutable and cryptographically verifiable  creating a secure digital record that cannot be modified.

The Q-Vault Digital Seal and Unique Identifier

Each critical document in the Q-Vault is verified and is written into the blockchain to create a digitally secured certificate / badge that is electronically linked to a unique identifier and QR Code. This Q-Vault Digital Seal and Number is used to prove security and authenticity

Direct Integration with Testing Labs

Works directly with Analytic Labs to first verify these
companies into our Q-Trust Registry and then provide direct integration to their lab information systems for writing Certificate of Analysis Reports directly into the Q-Vault  blockchain.

Lab Shopping Detection

Cross validation and automated duplicate record search and detection to flag multiple COA’s ordered on the same manufacturer and sample.

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