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Rebranding Recreational Cannabis: A Conversation with Len May


We recently sat down with Len May, a medical cannabis specialist, to discuss the importance of understanding how endocannabinoids affect each of us uniquely.

Read the transcript below or watch the video.  

Qredible: Welcome to the Qredible Live Broadcast. I’m thrilled to be joined by Len May, a certified medical cannabis specialist with over 25 years of experience in the cannabis industry. Len is currently the CEO and co-founder of EndoCanna Health, a bioscience technology company and parent of EndoDNA.

Len, can you start by telling us about your personal journey that led you to founding EndoCanna Health?

Len: I immigrated to the U.S. from Lithuania as a child and was diagnosed with ADD. Cannabis helped me focus better than the medications I was prescribed. My parents were against cannabis, but years later, they now use EndoCanna products. In the 1990s, I got involved in cannabis advocacy and saw how cannabis helped patients like Elvy Musikka, who received federal medical cannabis. This showed me cannabis works differently for everyone, leading me to research cannabis genetics and personalized medicine.

Removing Stigma to Gain Health Benefits

Qredible: The National Institute of Health acknowledges cannabis’ medicinal value, yet stigma persists. How do you see cannabis as relating to wellness versus recreation?

Len: I don’t like the term recreational cannabis. Cannabis should be viewed as an adult wellness product, not like alcohol. The endocannabinoid system exists for a reason in all mammals, and we need cannabinoids to maintain balance. But you need the right cannabinoids tailored to your individual body. Our goal is to avoid adverse events and use genetics to guide personalized therapies, not just getting high.

Qredible: Absolutely. The industry overvalues THC, but your research shows there’s much more to consider than THC levels and indica vs. sativa. How does your technology help unlock the mysteries of cannabis and the endocannabinoid system?

Len: We genotype 700,000 points on your DNA related to the endocannabinoid system. This shows how you metabolize and interact with cannabinoids. The test results come with a personalized report assessing predispositions for dosing, adverse events, and drug interactions. The more people who take the test and share outcomes, the more our AI algorithms can refine recommendations. It’s all about personalized guidance based on your genetics versus a one-size-fits-all approach.

Qredible: What an amazing advancement for the industry. This information could really help legitimize cannabis use. Where can people access your EndoDNA test and learn more?

Len: You can purchase the EndoDNA test directly at our website. We also work with partners globally to make the test available in different languages. Getting your genetics tested is the first step. Then, our AI portal provides customized guidance on products and protocols optimized for you. I’m excited to build the world’s largest cannabis observational study and bring truly personalized wellness to consumers.

Qredible: This has been tremendously insightful, Len. Thank you again for your time and pioneering work. I look forward to continuing the conversation with a future webinar. Safe travels!

Len: Thank you so much, I really enjoyed the discussion!


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