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Ronaldo Möntmann

Chief Information Officer

Ronaldo Möntmann | Chief Information Officer at Qredible

Why did you join Qredible?

I joined Qredible as its Chief Information Officer in January 2021. My goal was to help create software solutions that provide consumers and businesses with verified and validated information regarding CBD, hemp, and legalized cannabis products and the companies standing behind them. Transparency and trust are two significant challenges in this industry. Qredible is changing the way consumers, businesses and industries operate. We accomplish this through disruptive technologies such as cloud computing, blockchain, and machine learning/artificial intelligence. Before joining Qredible, I worked for one of the largest public healthcare systems in the U.S., serving first as the Director of Infrastructure and then as the Vice President of Information Technology.

What is your vision for Qredible?

My vision for Qredible is that we become a trusted name that consumers can rely upon when buying CBD, hemp, and cannabis products.

Qredible is also on a mission to become the preferred platform connecting the entire CBD, hemp, and legalized cannabis supply chain providing a trustworthy and transparent information repository for all businesses involved, from seed to shelf.

Why is Qredible important to you personally?

I have witnessed the devastating effects of the opioid epidemic and mental health while working in healthcare for over 20 years and while serving my local community as a minister and chaplain.

I first learned about the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) through Qredible’s CEO. Endocannabinoids (lipid-based neurotransmitters) produced in the body bind to specific receptors in the nervous system. CBD affects this receptor activity, which reduces inflammation and chronic pain. This quality makes CBD appealing for those seeking relief from pain and other symptoms without the other severe side effects related to some pharmaceutical drugs.

As consumer demand for CBD, hemp, and legalized cannabis escalate, improved regulation of these products would seem prudent, together with clinical trials exploring their therapeutic benefits. Product demand usually moves much faster than the above safety measures. In reality, many CBD products circulating in the market are mislabeled and not tested for impurities, including pesticides, heavy metals, and microbial contamination.

Consumer safety is a significant issue in this industry. Qredible is quickly becoming a major disruptive force in solving these challenges.