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Stat Round-Up: Do People Trust CBD Anymore?

Do people trust CBD anymore? Read this survey and statistic roundup on the growing trust around CBD and hemp products.

While CBD is rapidly growing in popularity throughout the United States and worldwide, many remain skeptical of its efficacy, safety, and effectiveness.

As medical professionals and CBD advocates continue to report on CBD’s effectiveness for various conditions, many surveys show an increasing trust as both a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals and the safety of recreational use. 

Let’s dive into the numbers behind the claims. Do people trust CBD? 

With industry-disrupting technology, Qredible is here to challenge the claims, validate good science when it’s evident, and support the growing trust around CBD and hemp products

64% of Americans Have Tried CBD

According to a Consumer Reports survey, 64% of Americans have tried CBD. Of those that have tried it, 22% found CBD to be more effective than over-the-counter medications compared to other medications they had used. CBD was reported to be particularly effective for individuals with anxiety–in many cases, even helping them to eliminate the use of opioids. Due to its proven effectiveness, many states are moving to legalize both the medical and recreational use of CBD.  

14% of Americans Use CBD for Pain Management and Anxiety Relief

According to a survey conducted by Gallup, 14% of Americans reported using CBD products for different uses, including pain management and anxiety relief. While FDA research remains pending on much of the effectiveness of CBD products, advocates of CBD tout its use for anxiety, pain, insomnia, arthritis, and more.

62% of CBD Users Are Treating a Medical Condition

While CBD’s legalization and FDA approval remain outstanding in most states, a study reported that 62% of CBD users were using it to treat a medical condition. Additionally, 36% of those surveyed use CBD for general health and wellness uses.

42% of CBD Users Stopped Using Traditional Medications

A study found that 42% of CBD users ceased use of traditional medications in place of CBD. According to the study, the top reasons for using CBD included depression, anxiety, insomnia, and joint pain.

CBD Products Believed to Be Effective for Medicinal Purposes

As one of the fastest-growing trends in America, a survey by SingleCare reported that 89% of Americans believe CBD products are effective for medicinal purposes. Additionally, 64 million Americans have tried CBD in the last two years, and 22% said it helped them supplement or replace an over-the-counter medication. 

CBD Users Report Satisfaction With Treatment

Of those surveyed, 80% of CBD users said they were satisfied with CBD as a treatment option for their conditions. Many participants reported positive outcomes for various conditions, causing many to seek prescriptions for CBD from their physicians. 

CBD Products Beneficial for Health and Well-Being

Consumer Reports conducted a survey that found 86% of CBD users believe CBD products benefit their health and well-being.

Most Trusted CBD Brands Provide Third-Party Lab Test Results

58% of respondents in the Remedy Review study reported that they trust CBD brands more that provide third-party lab test results for their products. As many people turn to CBD products as an alternative natural remedy, it can be challenging to differentiate high-quality products in a saturated market.

Users Trust CBD Products as Alternative to Traditional Meds

According to the Journal of Dietary Supplements, 75% of CBD users trust products as a natural alternative to traditional medications. Regulatory challenges continue to be present in research surrounding the quality, efficacy, and safety of dietary supplements, including CBD.

CBD Products Effective in Treating Conditions

Of those surveyed, 85% reported CBD products to be very effective to extremely effective in treating various conditions. Additionally, 42% ceased the use of traditional pharmaceuticals in place of CBD products.

CBD Considered Essential Part of Daily Routine

62% of New Frontier Data survey respondents reported CBD as an essential component of their daily routine.

80% of Users Trust CBD for Safe Consumption

80% of CBD users said they trusted CBD products to be safe for consumption. The research examined trust and effectiveness for various conditions, including stress, anxiety, and sleep problems. 

CBD Products Trusted for Improving Sleep Quality

In a study, 70% of CBD users reported that they trust CBD products to improve their sleep quality. As part of the study, pharmacists evaluated drug interactions and possible adverse reactions around the rapidly growing use of CBD for medical uses. 

CBD Products Trusted as Alternative to Prescription Medications

82% of CBD users trust CBD products as an effective alternative to prescription medications, according to a survey by CBDistillery. CBDistillery sells various CBD products, including gummies, capsules, oil tinctures, topicals, and isolate powders for alternative treatment of common medical conditions.

CBD Products Believed to be Effective for Chronic Pain

88% of CBD users reported that CBD products effectively manage chronic pain. Additionally, the survey found that 22% of respondents replace prescription drugs with CBD.

CBD Products Trusted for Reducing Inflammation 

81% of respondents in a study reported they trust CBD products as an effective treatment for reducing inflammation.

CBD Products Trusted for Relieving Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis 

83% of survey respondents reporting to the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research said they trust CBD as a treatment for relieving symptoms of multiple sclerosis. While there is no cure yet for MS, CBD is highly effective in lowering the severity of symptoms.

72% of CBD Users Feel Confident Using Products

72% of survey respondents said they felt confident in the effectiveness and safety of CBD products. The leading reasons to use CBD included improving sleep quality, relieving pain, lowering anxiety, and as a medical treatment alternative.

How To Build Consumer Trust: CBD Businesses, get in Qredible

The numbers support the claims: people trust CBD products for a wide range of conditions. From improving sleep quality, relieving pain and anxiety, and treating more serious medical conditions like multiple sclerosis, there are an endless number of uses of CBD as a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals. 

Safer cannabis, CBD, and hemp commerce are finally here. Qredible’s industry-disrupting technology increases trust and transparency to support everyone in the cannabis and hemp supply chain. Contact us here to learn more. 


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