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The Future of Cannabis: A Conversation with Ryan Guzall of GreenGenes Technology

The cannabis industry is rapidly evolving, and with it, consumers’ needs and preferences are changing. In this episode of the Qredible Broadcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with Ryan Guzall, CEO of GreenGenes Technology, a company at the forefront of personalized cannabis recommendations. We discussed the future of cannabis and GreenGenes’ role in that future. You can read a summary of our conversation below and watch the full episode on YouTube. Ryan’s unique background includes biochemistry, human resources management, and supply chain management. This diverse expertise has equipped him with a holistic perspective on the cannabis industry’s challenges and opportunities. We started by discussing Ryan’s professional journey, which took an unexpected turn into the cannabis space. “It’s not a thing I ever thought I would be in,” he admitted. However, his desire to provide safe, ethical products for consumers led him to found GreenGenes Technology.

The Importance of Terpene Profiles

One of the central themes of our conversation was the importance of understanding terpene profiles in cannabis products. While consumers often focus solely on THC content and strain types, Ryan emphasized the significance of terpenes and other minor cannabinoids in determining the overall experience. “Our objective is to pair the right person with the right product at the right place, time, and price, utilizing human and plant genetics,” Ryan explained. GreenGenes Technology recommends personalized cannabis products to consumers using demographic information, terpene profiles, and historical data on product interactions.

Overcoming Industry Challenges

However, the lack of testing standards and lab integrity issues pose significant challenges to Ryan’s vision. He recounted instances of lab shopping, THC inflation, and even the sale of artificial terpenes—practices that compromise consumer safety. “No, you should never be able to do this, and it is important to ensure that testing standards are in place,” Ryan stressed. He highlighted the need for reliable reference laboratories and robust testing methodologies to ensure accurate and trustworthy results.

The Future of Cannabis Consumption

As our conversation progressed, Ryan painted a compelling vision for the future of cannabis consumption. He envisions a world where augmented reality could flag suitable or unsuitable products for an individual’s preferences, streamlining the purchase process and prioritizing consumer safety. Ryan also underscored the importance of maintaining the integrity of the supply chain, ensuring that products remain within the markets where they were tested and approved for sale. “We need to ensure that the product is staying where it’s been tested and that it is what people are saying it is,” he emphasized.

The Collaborative Approach

Recognizing the multifaceted nature of the challenges facing the cannabis industry, Ryan expressed enthusiasm for potential collaborations with organizations like Qredible. He acknowledged the value of combining expertise in areas such as consumer education, brand transparency, and supply chain provenance. “I think the combination is powerful,” Ryan stated, referring to the potential synergy between GreenGenes Technology and Qredible’s efforts to establish a comprehensive consumer education portal. As the cannabis industry matures, innovators like Ryan Guzall and companies like GreenGenes Technology will play crucial roles in shaping its future. By prioritizing consumer safety, personalization, and industry standards, they are paving the way for a more responsible and sustainable cannabis market.

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