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The Most Cannabis Friendly Cities in the United States

The most cannabis friendly cities in the United States.
As laws and attitudes about cannabis in the United States continue to evolve, several cities have emerged as havens for both cannabis entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. These cannabis friendly cities have adopted progressive policies around cannabis sales and consumption, fostering vibrant communities and providing unique experiences for locals and visitors alike, while increasing state tax revenue. The taxes collected from cannabis sales nationwide totaled $3.7 billion in 2022, according to the Marijuana Policy Project, excluding local sales tax charged from some cities. The taxes fund public schools, recidivism reduction, drug treatment, and public health programs.  Qredible’s industry-disrupting technology increases trust and transparency to support everyone in the cannabis and hemp supply chain, and will launch for consumers soon. Sign up to be notified about the Qredible for Consumers launch. Let’s dig into the most cannabis friendly cities in the U.S. and what sets them apart from their neighbors.

Denver, Colorado (Legal)

Denver, the capital city of Colorado, legalized recreational cannabis over a decade ago with the passage of Amendment 64 in 2012. This decision transformed Denver into a hub of cannabis tourism and industry innovation. The Mile High City boasts a thriving cannabis industry with a wide array of dispensaries offering an extensive selection of products, cannabis-friendly events, and consumption lounges where adults can legally purchase and consume cannabis products in a communal setting.  Denver is also home to the International Church of Cannabis, which combines art, spirituality, and cannabis.

Seattle, Washington (Legal)

Seattle, Washington, in the picturesque Pacific Northwest, has embraced the legalization of recreational cannabis. The city has a vibrant cannabis culture, with a wide selection of dispensaries and cannabis-themed activities available for residents and visitors. Cannabis tourism thrives in Seattle, with local companies offering guided tours and educational experiences that provide education on cultivation, processing, and consumption. Seattle also emphasizes social equity, ensuring fair access to professional opportunities in the industry for marginalized communities.

Portland, Oregon (Legal)

Known for its vibrant culture, Portland, Oregon, is at the forefront of cannabis acceptance and innovation. The state legalized recreational cannabis through Measure 91 in 2014, and Portland has embraced the new era of cannabis with open arms. Adults can enjoy a diverse range of cannabis products, dispensaries, and lounges. Portland hosts many cannabis festivals and other educational events that foster community engagement, facilitate networking opportunities, and celebrate the diverse aspects of local cannabis culture.  The city takes pride in its craft cannabis scene, with passionate artisans producing high-quality strains and products.

San Francisco, California (Legal)

San Francisco, the countercultural hub of California, has long been associated with cannabis acceptance and innovation. The city has played a pivotal role in shaping cannabis policy, from passing Proposition 215, which legalized medical cannabis in 1996, to the more recent approval of Proposition 64 in 2016, which legalized recreational use for adults. The city hosts several cannabis events and festivals throughout the year, including the annual 4/20 celebration at Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park. These gatherings foster a sense of community and provide platforms for education, entertainment, and advocacy.

Los Angeles, California (Legal)

Los Angeles, the second-largest city in the United States, has emerged as a hub for recreational cannabis. The City of Angels has a vibrant cannabis market with many dispensaries, cannabis lounges, and events catering to the diverse preferences of cannabis enthusiasts. The city hosts cannabis-related events, including cannabis festivals, industry conferences, and educational workshops. These events provide platforms for networking, education, and celebration while showcasing the diversity of cannabis culture in Los Angeles.

Las Vegas, Nevada (Legal)

Las Vegas, known for its vibrant, glitzy nightlife, legalized recreational cannabis in 2017. The city’s unique blend of excitement, luxury, and cannabis-friendly policies has made it a sought-after destination for cannabis enthusiasts.  Las Vegas takes cannabis experiences to new heights, offering everything from cannabis-infused spa treatments to cannabis-friendly entertainment options. Visitors can indulge in themed cannabis tours, cannabis cooking classes, and cannabis-infused fine dining experiences.

Boston, Massachusetts (Legal)

On the East Coast of the United States, Boston has a thriving cannabis industry. The historic city blends its rich cultural heritage with a progressive cannabis landscape, hosting cannabis events and social equity programs that promote inclusivity and support individuals from communities disproportionately affected by the war on drugs. These local initiatives aim to create opportunities for underrepresented groups to participate in the cannabis industry. Boston dispensaries prioritize high-quality products and consumer education, providing resources and guidance to help customers make informed choices about their cannabis consumption.

Portland, Maine (Legal)

Portland, Maine, situated on the coast of the Atlantic, has embraced cannabis culture throughout the entire city since 2016. Local residents and businesses host cannabis festivals, educational workshops, and cannabis-infused dining experiences, fostering a sense of community and providing platforms for education and celebration.

Anchorage, Alaska (Legal)

With its proximity to breathtaking wilderness, Anchorage provides a unique backdrop among cannabis friendly cities in the U.S. Outdoor adventure enthusiasts can join cannabis tours that allow them to experience Alaska’s natural beauty while consuming in designated areas. Craft cannabis is highly valued in the city, and enthusiasts can find artisanal growers who prioritize quality and sustainability while growing cannabis locally.

Santa Cruz, California (Legal)

Santa Cruz, a coastal Californian town, has a thriving cannabis dispensary culture featuring local growers emphasizing sustainable and organic cultivation practices. Visitors who hope to indulge can explore a wide range of locally crafted products, from sun-grown flowers to CBD-infused goods. The city hosts events where experts and enthusiasts gather to discuss industry trends, and innovations, and to promote advocacy. Santa Cruz embraces the concept of cannabis wellness, offering various experiences that promote holistic health and self-care. Please note that while cannabis is legal in these cities, it is important to adhere to local laws and regulations regarding consumption, possession, and age restrictions. Always consume cannabis responsibly and within the boundaries of the law.

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