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Cannabis industry problems start with trust, compliance and litigation risk, and competitive differentiation. Qredible provides cannabis business software that brings trust and compliance to your legalized marijuana business.

The Problem

The cannabis industry has become a hazard of pitfalls with false, misleading, outdated or simply missing information regarding cannabis, hemp, and CBD suppliers and products. This has created a whirlwind of confusion and risk for all parties in the legalized marijuana supply chain including the unsuspecting consumer!

  • Supply chain Laden with False and Misleading, Outdated, or Missing information regarding suppliers and products
  • Creates Confusion and Risk for All Buyers in the your Supply Chain
  • Creates Potential Health Risk to Legalized Cannabis and Nutraceutical Consumers
  • Lab Reports are often falsified hiding dangerous micro-toxins or ingredients and over or understating Cannabinoid Levels – creating harmful consequences to consumers
  • Manufacturers and Merchants May Mis-Represent Certain Industry Registrations such as Licensing and Industry Certifications that are Fraudulent and Misleading. Dispensary customers are none-the-wiser as they have no way to validate and verify if what they are purchasing is safe.
  • Cannabis Regulations are Constantly Evolving and Changing at all Levels of Government
  • Fines, Fees, Penalties and Enforcement Action are Becoming More Common and Will Continue to Grow in Size and Severity
  • Reputation Risk of FDA Letters or Enforcement Action can Seriously Harm your Cannabis, CBD, Hemp, or Nutraceutical Business
  • Unintended Consequences Kill Many Businesses Because of a Non-Compliant Word or two on the Web, Social Media, Video and Customer Testimonials
  • Lawsuits are Increasing as Plaintiffs’ Attorneys are Driving Class Action Cases as a Result of Mislabeling of Product and/or Non-Compliant Content
  • Rising Regulations and Litigation Risks are Driving Up the Cost of Compliance, Insurance and Banking Services
  • Many Legalized Marijuana or Nutraceutical Companies Cannot Afford a Dedicated Compliance Department
  • It is Both Time Consuming & Costly to Subscribe to and Track all of the Sites Necessary to Monitor Changing Legislation and Enforcement Actions
  • Tracking all of your marketing sources is a daunting task to ensure that it is current with the latest state or federal regulations and industry best practices
  • The cost of compliance is growing so high that the illicit marijuana business has become a cheaper way to purchase product
  • Quality Cannabis Companies are Getting Lost amidst the Crowd of Low Quality Providers that Offer Lower Prices Since they Do Not Spend Money on Quality Practices or Compliance to Protect their Customers
  • Excellent Brands have no way to Differentiate and Prove their Quality to Buyers – it is Truly a Buyer Beware Situation with Zero Validation of Quality Companies and Brands
  • “CBD Buyers are Confused and Assume that Larger More Established Brands are the Only Flight to Safety Leaving Smaller to Mid-Size Brands Struggling to Compete — According to the Consumer Brands Association 2019 Study. Whether they have purchased CBD products yet or not, the majority of Americans (70%) were clear that they would be more confident in the safety of CBD products if they were manufactured by a large, well-known brand.”
  • All of these Pressures Hinder Growth and Profitability of High Risk and Cannabis Companies
  • The Rising Cost of Compliance, The Growing Risk of Enforcement Actions and Civil Litigation are Negatively Impacting Profitability in the Sector
  • Top Line Revenue Growth is Hindered as Companies Struggle to Compete in a Crowded Space of Both Quality and Non-Quality Brands and Consumers Can’t Tell the Difference – This is Impacting Enterprise Valuations in the Cannabis Industry and Impacting Overall Gross Margins

Now that we know the problem…

What’s the Solution?

Let’s talk about how these problems are affecting your cannabis, CBD, hemp, or highly regulated industry business and how we can help protect you before it’s too late!

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