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The Top Cannabis SaaS Solutions for Compliance Tracking

cannabis compliance SaaS

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. As more states legalize both medical and recreational cannabis, the industry is expected to reach $47 billion by 2025. However, operating in the cannabis industry comes with stringent regulations and compliance requirements. 

Using software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for compliance tracking can help cannabis businesses stay compliant, avoid penalties, and scale efficiently. In this article, we will look at the top SaaS platforms that are making compliance easy for cannabis companies.

Seed-to-Sale Software

Seed-to-sale software tracks cannabis plants and products from cultivation to point of sale. This gives businesses and regulators visibility into inventory levels and movement to ensure compliance with state laws. 

Leading seed-to-sale SaaS platforms include:


Metrc is currently used in over 15 states and territories. It provides RFID plant tagging, lab testing integrations, supply chain oversight, and reporting tools. The software helps cannabis operators prove compliance and prevent diversion to the black market.


Akerna offers seed-to-sale tracking through its MJ Platform and Leaf Data Systems products. The software enables preventative compliance, precise inventory visibility, and streamlined operations. 


Designed for California’s cannabis market, WebJoint offers delivery and logistics tools. The software includes GeoFence and GPS tracking, SEO-friendly ecommerce, and driver kit management.

Regulatory Compliance Software

Beyond seed-to-sale tracking, cannabis businesses need to comply with a variety of other regulations covering areas like HR, finance, marketing, and security. Some key SaaS solutions include:


GreenBits goes beyond inventory tracking to automate license applications, taxes, cash handling, and HR and OSHA compliance. The software also offers point-of-sale, customer management, and reporting features.

Ample Organics

Ample Organics provides an integrated suite for cannabis producers, manufacturers, distributors, clinics, and retailers. Key features include dispensary POS, supply chain management, compliance tracking, and reporting.

Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms

To gain actionable insights from compliance data, cannabis businesses are turning to analytics and business intelligence platforms like:


Headset ingests and normalizes transaction data from across dispensaries and processors. This provides market intelligence tools to analyze sales trends, pricing analytics, inventory optimization, and consumer insights.


This market data platform provides verified B2B contact data and meaningful insights for instant visibility into an ever-growing market while reducing your time to value.

MJ Analytics

Akerna’s analytics engine, MJ Analytics, turns compliance data into dashboards and reports. This enables operators to identify growth opportunities and levers to enhance profitability.

SaaS Platforms for Cannabis – Get in Qredible

As the cannabis industry matures, compliance and efficiency have become top priorities. Using the right SaaS platforms unlocks data that improves inventory management, prevents diversion, ensures adherence to regulations, and informs business strategy. 

Partnering with leading solutions like Metrc, Akerna, GreenBits, and Headset allows cannabis operators to focus on their core business while maintaining compliance. Leveraging analytics further maximizes the value of compliance datasets. With the right technology stack, cannabis companies can build transparency and trust with regulators and consumers alike.

At Qredible, we offer tailored cannabis compliance software and services to help businesses manage compliance end-to-end. Our solutions include seed-to-sale tracking, quality control, security monitoring, and license application management. Qredible integrates with leading platforms to provide a centralized compliance hub. Sign up for a demo today to see how our team of compliance experts can help your cannabis business thrive.


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