Why Be Incredible?

Qredible’s unique platform was designed to connect the entire CBD/Hemp /Legalized Cannabis supply chain through efficient and profitable commerce, while providing a trustworthy and transparent information repository all involved; Growers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers and Retailers.

Safe Commerce For All

How Qredible Impacts Business


Qredible offers a comprehensive, independent solution to the growing problem of validating stated quality and compliance status in the Hemp and CBD industries. Our cloud-based platform, using the latest in AI and Blockchain technology provides a trustworthy and transparent information repository for the entire supply chain.


With the CBD/Hemp industry not fully regulated, products show a wide range of sources, manufacturing techniques and even concentration essential ingredients. Farmers and manufacturers validate samples through our network of certified laboratories and all Certificates of Analysis (COA) are vaulted to avoid any tampering.


Instead of waiting to find out about a compliance or regulatory problem when it is too late, The Qredible platform sets companies on the right path from the very beginning and helps them to maintain their compliance on an ongoing basis. Just like COAs for product quality, our system is enabled to share compliance reports with financial and business partners.


The varying legal status and the relative newness of the Hemp and CBD industry has caused limited access to many banking, merchant card and insurance services. Most consider the industry “high risk” making it difficult to secure needed financial services. Qredible enables companies to prove and maintain their credibility using compliance-guided and enabled technology.


Our proprietary platform and ecosystem was designed to connect the entire supply chain through the enablement of efficient and profitable commerce. We call it, Seed to Sale. In real-time, this system manages inventory, tracks shipments, and facilitates purchases between network members. Quality and transparency is maintained throughout the process.


Qredible offers the only industry specific, comprehensive solution for supply chain, commerce, compliance, and quality management. The aggregated data, reports, and certifications save enormous amounts of time and money for ecosystem members. In one system, compliance can be confirmed, orders placed, COA’s shared and adherence to regulations verified.

The Qredible Concept – A Deep Dive

The Qredible philosophy combines commerce with compliance and industry best practices, and thereby enables Hemp and CBD companies across the supply chain to prove and maintain their credibility using compliance-guided and enabled technology.

At its core, Qredible is a compliance driven, regulatory technology platform and ecosystem. A big focus on what we do is authenticity. Why is authenticity such a big issue? Simply stated, the Hemp and CBD supply chain is laden with false, misleading, outdated, or missing information regarding product source, production, manufacturing, and contents. Additionally, decisions by producers relative to the marketing and sales of CBD products are laden with compliance risks or violations of which many supply chain participants are not aware. Inconsistencies with lab reports, or even one wrong word on a website, social media post, or product label can result in adverse consequences.

Instead of waiting to find out about a problem when it is too late, the Qredible platform sets companies on the right path from the very beginning and helps them to maintain their compliance on an ongoing basis. Qredible borrows the “Q” from “quality” and combines it with “credible” to create a new and powerful industry designation that denoting the quality and credibility of industry participants as well as the products that they offer throughout the ecosystem. Not every company in our Platform will pass the test of “Qredibility,” but the Qredible platform will bring transparency and clearly indicate where compliance, best practices, or quality have room for improvement.

The Road to Qredibility

Every company that registers with Qredible is taken through the “Road to Qredibility,”, which is an electronic wizard that requires them to answer demanding compliance and governance questions and upload critical documents in support of their answers, which are then reviewed internally for accuracy and responsiveness. Qredible subscribers will be able to confirm proper and current licensure, registrations, certifications, regulatory approvals, and industry badging of ecosystem participants, and continue their own diligence via Qredible’s repository of background due diligence regarding principals and officers, criminal, civil, and administrative actions, uploaded lab reports, and an overview of production methods. The Qredible system also provides rules-based tools to provide guidance on a company’s application and adherence to required practices and best practices relevant to farming, production, manufacturing, or distribution, depending on the position of the company within the supply chain.

Trust and Reliability

Qredible’s mission is to build trust and reliability in the Hemp and Hemp Derivatives Supply Chain via transparency throughout production, sourcing, manufacturing and distribution, and to establish an electronic marketplace that enables members to list their products and services, generate leads for new business from other Qredible platform members, and meet the demands of Banks, Merchant Processing Providers, and Insurance Companies.

Secured by Blockchain Technology

All CBD products listed on the Qredible platform must have product COA’s validated through Qredible’s network of independent third-party labs. The COA reports are ordered through the Qredible platform so can be vaulted using AI and Blockchain technology, in the Qredible system to avoid tampering. Qredible is not just a regulatory driven software for authenticity, the system is a platform designed to help companies manage and sell their products compliantly, efficiently, and transparently.   The Qredible system guides the user through a compliance and best practices driven implementation process that helps them to avoid the pitfalls that could lead to an FDA issued Warning Letter, the loss of banking services, fines fees and penalties, or civil/class action litigation.

The Qredible Seal

The end result of the automated Qredible process is a comprehensive repository of documents and reports to set-up and enable commerce along the way, all reviewed by Qredible. The software also autogenerates a Qredible Report indicating the level of quality and completeness of the ecosystem member meeting Qredible’s comprehensive requirements. A high-level summary version of this report can be displayed bearing the Qredible seal, indicating that the company is actively monitored for quality, completeness, and adherence to industry standards, best practices, and compliance regulations.

Qredible platform members can then enable their financial providers, or insurance company to access all of the data on an ongoing basis. The Qredible repository is a critical resource for any Financial Services Company needing to review and approve information necessary to meet regulatory and business requirements for ongoing and proactive monitoring of the Qredible platform member

Start on the Road to Qrediblity!

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